Shirley Kinneberg is a country girl who grew up on the prairies near Parkbeg, Saskatchewan. The Grasdal farm was her way of life giving her the opportunity to appreciate it’s detailed beauty. Cattle, crops and farm equipment adorned by the scenic skies and landscape became her main interest in developing her creative art passion.

As life moves on so did she, making her move to Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Alberta, where she joined up as an active director with the Sask.Alta Visual Arts Guild group from 1992 to 1999.

By enrolling in many painting classes from well known accomplished artists she gained confidence to grow further ahead in the art field.

Acquiring several awards in various juried art shows and displaying at many venues both solo and group has sent her art work into several private and corporate collections throughout Canada and abroad.

Acrylics, Pastels, Oils and graphite make up her desired palette of life, and the need to experiment with any other Media and Materials to explore and create. There is never a shortage of scenery to paint which is captured by long walks and journeys with her camera and easel by her side.

Shirley loves the country life from past fond memories to her present friendly small rural community. To her all seasons contain vibrant colour and subject matter especially if it is nestled within old equipment, oil rigs, grain elevators or wildlife.

At her present location , Edmonton, Alberta, Shirley continues to evolve in the art scene, showing, teaching and belonging to art groups such as the Society Of Western Canadian Artists, Edmonton, Alberta, The Federation Of Canadian Artists, Vancouver, BC, Pastel Society Of Canada, Creative Artist Guild Dunedin, FL. and The Tampa Bay Pastel Society.

As quoted by Shirley Kinneberg

“ Through my eyes and into my soul absorbs the colours of life, form and detail from my hand create the memories in the light, but only heart and sense of mind feels it’s existence of past and present alike.”

Artist Statement

“As an Artist I love to paint what surrounds me. Simple brush strokes with bold and brilliant colours has always been the choice for me. What I see and portray in a realistic manner may elicit a spark of emotion or memory within another. If this should happen then I truly believe that artist and beholder have shared a wonderful experience together.”

Shirley Kinneberg Art